Socrates Imaging

Handcrafting Pixels since 1990

Capture the moment

Socrates captures your guests’ most exciting moments on camera, creating cherished photo and video souvenirs. The results provide increased revenue , promote your venue through social media marketing and enhance the customer experience.

The souvenirs from ride, green screen, studio and roaming photography or on ride video and photo caption device, can be presented to your guests in various ways ranging from display monitors hanging in a traditional sales kiosk, self-service terminals with different payment options to roaming sales staff armed with mobile POS tablets that mix in the crowd to close the sale on the spot.

Flexible solutions

The modular design of the Socrates system provides for endless possibilities. Photo souvenirs can be delivered in many forms or media. Physically, in a printed wallet, fridge magnet, key-ring or any other quick novelty. Digitally, as a single digital download through QR- or photo-code or your photos and videos collected in an online digital photo wallet. Combined tangible and digital, photos and videos in customized ‘motion in printing’ (MIP) LCD moving screens. Imagination is the only limit.

Don’t miss out on customers not having cash. Besides being a regular till system the Socrates EPOS system can be equipped with local credit and debit card providers or even with your parks internal payment system like RFID wristband, payment app, etc.


Whether your facility is a theme park, water park, adventure park, aquarium, museum or other tourist attraction,
Socrates has a solution for you that generates incremental revenues, brand awareness and promotes your venue on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Teaming up with Socrates means regular evaluation and brainstorming sessions to improve systems and update product portfolio and services throughout the term of the contract.

With Socrates you will find an imaging partner which has it focus on quality, service, reliability and innovations. This combined will lead to increased customer spending and enhanced customer experience.

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